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We believe martial art is a skill that can be taught from a very young age. All our curriculums and training programs are age specific and have been developed to cater every individual’s needs to build confidence and achieve their best by looking after their body and mind to make martial arts a way of life. The Winged Dragon Martial Arts Academy has formulated a fun and progressive martial arts training program combined with street self defence.

With our martial arts and traditional karate programs, we aim to:

  • Develop an appreciation and respect towards karate and martial arts
  • Improve mental and physical discipline
  • Learn self-defence and vital life skills
  • Improve confidence and self respect
  • Develop a sense of responsibility toward oneself and others

Martial art is our passion and we take pride in delivering a learning experience that exceeds expectations. Karate and martial arts are an excellent way to help children and adults get fit mentally and physically.

We strive hard to influence our students in a positive manner and make them more successful in life through the practice of martial arts. To achieve this, we set goals for our students that include self awareness and improvement by providing them with the tools to overcome obstacles and hurdles that come their way.

All our instructors are qualified. We teach karate, martial arts and street self defence at our state of art academy, which helps our students learn the skills in the most fun and comfortable environment. We ensure you get the best results for the time and energy you invest in our academy.


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