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“ The Winged Dragon Martial Arts Academy is run by Sensei Lucky Pandelidis (MAIA accredited instructor) With over 40 years experience in various martial arts styles, he currently holds a 4th Dan Black Belt in Go Ju Ryu Karate & a 1st Dan Black Belt in MMA. He has been involved in security for many places such as MCG, Flemington Racecourse & Various Night clubs. With all this knowledge he has combined Martial arts and Street Self defence”.

What We Offer

with our connections to Japan & other Go Ju Ryu associations true karate customs are upheld.


Emphasis in all our classes is placed on healthy mind, body & spirit through our training.


All our senior instructors are certified and have working with children’s licences.


Students are encouraged to optimise & improve their own fitness and training at all levels instead of one set class standard.

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Training Programs


All ages Karate classes

Ages from 4 years & above.

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Self Defence Programs

Our Syllabus incorporates street self defence & ground fighting at all levels.

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Mixed Martial Arts

On top of traditional karate, we offer techniques & training in other various free style martial arts.

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