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  • Kids Learn Flawless Self-Defense Techniques with Karate Classes

    The world in which we live is not safe. Whether dealing with a bully at school, or a dangerous street situation, karate classes will help the kids to deal with any of the situation. Self-defense is one of the greatest techniques that are taught in every karate class. This is a full body, high intensity workout that is guaranteed to tone muscles and melt away the body fat.

    A self-defense class will help a child to learn varying punching and kicking, to escape tactics from certain chokes and holds. This will not only prepare a child to get ready for a worst situation, but also helps them to gain confidence and self-esteem to properly use the moves.

    Some of the added benefits this class are described as below:
    • Improved physical fitness
    • Level of stress gets decreases
    • A sense of community and new friendships get established
    Following change in the behavior and attitude of a child can be seen during self-defense training program:

    Coordination gets improved

    Kids remain active in a self-defense program. The trainer demonstrates manipulative movements that help a kid to develop fine and gross motor skills. This results in holistic improvement of physicality and fitness. Therefore, the kids get benefit from improved agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, speed and reactive and bursting power.

    Develops Confidence

    In a self-defense program, kids constantly learn new skills and each one is a little more challenging than the earlier. They develop new skills leads to building up of confidence and pride in one’s abilities. The trainers of the Kids Karate Classes in Phillip Island praise their kids for their effort and good work which in turn boosts their confidence.

    Acquire gentle solutions for bullying and rough play

    Sometimes an ‘attack’ is bullying or fighting that can really hurt; and sometimes an attack is rough play, like getting too rowdy or siblings wrestling. So, the main focus of a karate classes is to protect their children from being hurt. A good self-defense program taught in a karate class teaches the students to learn gentle solutions when they are ‘attacked’ by another child. This emphasizes on using voice and non-violent ways to protect their personal space.

    Get Awareness Regarding Danger

    A good karate class will teach a child to avoid a problem than to solve one. In a self-defense program, kids are taught to use their eyes and their ears to remain aware of any situation. This program certifies that the kids are aware of things that can cause danger to them and hence, they will stay safe and protected.

    Develop Communication, listening and social skills

    Listening and following instructions are fundamental aspects of a self-defense program. This program will help a child to ‘speak up for themselves.’ Moreover, self-defense techniques are delivered in a structured group environment, which means, interacting with others, learning group behavior, such as turn taking, supporting each other, being kind and respectful for each other, etc.

    To know more about Kids Karate Classes in Phillip Island you can visit the website The Winged Dragon for more insights!

    Build Confidence and Keep Your Child Safe from Bullies with Karate Class

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