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  • Why Should You Learn To Defend Yourself?

    These days, the perception of good and evil in our world is highly subjective. While some may think that merely learning how to cause or inflict pain on others is evil, others would argue that, it is what you do with the knowledge when you get it, is the deciding factor. The very few others believe that it is entirely good to have such skill and technique at your disposal. What a lot fewer people would argue with, however, is the fact that everyone needs to know self protection techniques. More so, we all need protection for ourselves due to the stress we put ourselves in this fast and speedy world we live in.

    Self-defense is a need as it is akin to first aid in the times of trouble which occurs daily all over the globe including Australia for someone or the other. Equally important is the need to satisfy the spirit, and entertain, as well as exercise the body. One remedy that encompasses all of these is the martial Arts. Martial arts may be very popular in Asia and may have originated in Europe but, it is fast spreading to every corner of the globe for obviously good reasons. Martial Art is needed and should be learned by everyone. It is interesting and vast. It can be categorized based on so many factors and those categories are such as historical arts vs. contemporary, armed vs. unarmed, self-defense vs. demonstration of forms etc.

    One of the most interesting of these arts is the Karate, little wonder it is one of the popular ones. A few other martial arts worth knowing, is the mixed martial arts which involves combining arts of different origins into one. Mixed or hybrid martial arts is reported to have been invented in the early 20th century but made popular by the great Bruce Lee. Other martial arts include jujutsu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, taekwondo, kenjutsu and kendo which involve the use of sword, and so on. It is factual that martial art leaves its students or trainees with better physical, emotional, and mental health than how they were, before training. There are only a few dojos for martial arts in Epping, Melbourne, and the most reliable of them is The Winged Dragon. If you live in any area of Melbourne including Epping, or you have a friend that you visit or can visit and you want a dojo or school for martial arts for beginners, you are a lucky person because you are reading this right now. Seize the opportunity, to learn from a very experienced and patient sensei who will work tirelessly to bring out the best in you and help you achieve an all-round benefit of martial arts. Mate, just because you do not live in Epping, you should not be left out of the wonderful martial arts in the eastern suburbs, join the team of The winged Dragons.

    Karate means a show of the hand, open hand, or empty hand. To emphasize the level of acceptance of this great art, it has been announced by the International Olympic Committee to be included alongside five other sports to the 2020 Olympics. Reports everywhere claim that practitioners of karate in the world are between 50 to 100 million people. Become a Karateka today, learn karate in the eastern suburb, street self-defense in Epping, Melbourne and a variety of other things offered by “The Winged Dragon Martial & Health Arts”.

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